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In west Philidelphia, born and raised. On the playground is where I spent most of my days. Chillin' out, maxin', relaxin', all cool. I was shootin' some b-ball outside the school....

NO WAIT! thats the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

What's The Deal?


I'm Aaron. How's it goin'?
Hello out there in the cyberhood; I am giving you a little snippet into the workings of me. I have been in existence since the tenth hour and eighteenth minute on the sixteenth day of the tenth month of the nineteen hundred and seventy-sixth year. For those of you preferring numerical values: 10:18am, on 10/16/1976. I was born in the Tompkins County Hospital which later went private and became Tompkins community Hospital and then after many years changed to Cayuga Medical Center.
I spent the first ten years of my life living on Perry City Road in the township of Ulysses, a suburb of   Ithaca NY. I spent many hours outdoors and in the woods across the road. I also spent any hours in and or around our pond. I played numerous sports in those years; ice hockey, soccer, lacrosse and baseball. On the morning of 08/27/1987 in the early morning hours an extremely substandard quality Frigidaire refrigerator had a malfunctioning in the manufacturers wiring schematics and ignited the house ablaze. My sister and I were asleep at the time and thanks to the smoke detectors were able to escape with ourselves intact. Of course all our belongings and home as well as some sanity were lost. The process of the insurance claim is a long and ridiculous one, thanks in no part to State Farm Insurance (the most pathetic excuse for a company that "cares" there ever was). "Like most of your neighbors State Farm don't care" We received very little of our policies alleged coverage's, and had to move to a different house. After spending some time living in a motel we moved into a townhouse. We lived here for the beginnings of middle school, and then after about a year moved to downtown Ithaca in a neighborhood where my mother grew up called Fall Creek. It was here that I met many of my friends I would have for years to come. I then went on to highschool, and in my freshman year on the faithful day mentioned aboves fourteenth anniversary I was jolted with a touch of pure hell, to spare the details lets just say we had to move. We then lived with my grandparents until renting a place, I however stayed with them for a few years. We later moved to a house right next to the high school. I graduated High School in 1994; and began my college career. Here is where I met many more of my now "lost" friends, I made some grand realizations about life, liberty and the pursuit of an opinion. Life at this point wasn't too imaginative, I spent a few years in what appeared to be a great situation and did some adventuring into concert, and parties. I spent many an hour taking photos, writing poetry and doing many other things of personal interest. I lived a couple of years with a few other people both in dorms and out. My dormmate was a nice guy that I spent another year living with. I lived with him and his now wife for a year until they graduated. I then soent my last year living alone, and also with 2 other people that proved to be kinda taxing emotionally.... Hmmm... I found out around this time that I was suffering from an annoying and icky ailment. I have spent the rest of my days so far and probably forever with Ulcerative Colitis (yuck). I graduated that May, and spent my last summer at the day camp I loved.It was for 5 to 8 year olds.
Ok, so on the people front since moving to Maryland:
Then that August I moved to Frederick, MD. I have been here working and schooling since then. I worked at Hot Topic for a bit and quit due to a jerk as a boss, and poor treatment from the company. I then got a job as a full time employee of the Orkand Corporation, working on a government contract at the United States Geological Survey in Reston, Virginia. Where I did statistical analysis for the Zinc, and Dimension Stone Commodities, as part of the Minerals Information Team in the Mineral Commodities Data Unit. The job paid ok, and the benefits were pretty good, but the best thing was it was a bit of "real" job experience to build that resume. That Building got me to randomly check around for other jobs... After wallowing in self-doubt and the like I gave up of sorts on meeting cool people or any people mostly, and decided out of sheer boredom to email random folks I found that were listed as students at Hood. It was one of these people that actually responded on or around October 10th, 2001. We wrote to one another a bunch, and used instant messenger a far amount. We met for dinner on October 21st as just something to do, and to celebrate our Birthdays. See we are both October babies me the 16th, and her the 20th. We went to The Olive Garden and hit it off pretty well, woohoo!. After that we talked a lot and emailed one another a lot more. Then on October 28th I asked her to date me. This was a whirlwind of romance, as in she is someone I connected with "super-quick". Spring Break 2002, it was March, we were in Hawaii, had massive jet-lag, got up real early, and went to the beach. It was about 6am Hawaii time, when under a lightening sky I had her sit in a banyan tree so I could take a picture. This is when I knelt down and asked her to do me the honor of marrying me. She said yes!
Job things still sucked so I put in my resume in at SAIC for a job on a contract with the NWS in October 2002. The position was with the Sterling Test and Evaluation Site doing development for The Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS). Well, anyhow, I got the job and was there from November 2002 until Fenruary 2009.
We were married on October 18th 2003 at St. Casimir's Catholic church in the Canton neighborhood of Baltimore, MD.

Fast-Forward a little bit it was October 16th 2004, my Birthday, and we were meeting up at our apartment with Christina's cousins and sisters to go to a Haunted House in Hagerstown, MD. Well we decided that would be a good time to tell everyone that she was pregnant. Then in November we went in for the 1st confirmation ultrasound with Dr. Montgomery. He scanned around and said "Do you know what that is?" Christina said "a baby", he said yep, then he asked "do you know what that is?" Christina said "another baby?" He said "Yes, congratualtions its twins" I did a fist pump and said sweet.
On May 11th 2005 Christina called me at work around 9:10am and and she was going into the hospital, she was supposed toi have her 35 week appt that day at 2pm. I left in a hurry and SPED like crazy to Frederick Memorial Hospital. I barely made it there got to the room and they were checking positions of babies. Then I got scrubs thrown at me and she went in for a C-Section. Alex & Zoh were born shortly after that.

In August 2006 we bought our trashy little ghetto-side house, and have been working on it ever since.
I finally moved into my current position as a federal employee at the National Weather Service in February 2009..
The rest as they say "is history"...


I began my educational rollercoaster at the age of 4 at Enfield elementary school. I was in attendance there from September 1981 until June 1987. I then moved on to Boynton middle school in September of 1987. After completing 8th grade in June 1990 I then went on down North Cayuga St. to Ithaca high school in Setold me her water broke ptember 1990. This where I spent 4 lackluster years always showing up yet seemingly doing nothing. I left this haven from the harsh reality of life in June 1994. I began my college career at Tompkins-Cortland Community College (TC3) in August of 1994 with the intentions of going to Pharmacy school. I guess that I was pretty out off touch with the competitiveness of transfer admissions into the program I wanted. I didn't have a 4.0 GPA like the 74 people accepted the year I applied to Albany College of Pharmacy so, I didn't get in. I subsequently changed my intentions to another area that interested me, Meteorology. After 2 more years of doing prerequisites and such I earned my Associates degree in May of 1997 in liberal arts math/sciences. I transferred to the State University of New York College at Oswego, NY. This wasn't as easy as it seems. I initially received a letter stating that I did not get in. After I read the letter I was pretty upset. I was then listening to my voice mail and got a message from the head of transfer admissions at Oswego, he told me that the letter was accidentally sent and that I would hear from them shortly on whether I was in or not. Apparently they were meeting on it right then, so I got a little happier. The next message was from the same gentleman and it said "Congratulations we are pleased to offer you admission to SUNY Oswego". This was a relief since I had already been denied acceptance to SUNY Brockport a week earlier. I then spent 3 years along the wind-blown banks of lake Ontario, most of that time being on the 3rd floor of Piez hall in fact most of it being in 3 rooms in Piez hall room 320 the Meteorology lab, and 2 classrooms, rooms 330 & 332(I think). After the daunting task of way to many upper level math and science courses I had to take all the Meteorology which consisted of more upper level math and physics and thermodynamics and all that fun stuff (arghhhh!). I also had to write and do a presentation for my seminar paper which was, Deforestation: A Look At The Climatological Impacts On The Amazonian Rainforest. That went pretty well I think... Finally it seemed like an eternity later I graduated on May 13th, 2000. I believe as the first person on my mother's side of the family to hold a bachelors degree. I then moved down the mid-atlantic to   Frederick, MD. and started as a graduate student at Hood College. I was studying Environmental Biology, I completed my independent research paper on Catastrophic Wind Damage to a Forest Stand in Central Maryland in December 2008, and officially graduated, finally, in January of 2009. I was accepted in February to a PhD in Atmospheric Science program at Howard University in Washington, D.C. with aspirations focusing on remote sensing and cloud studies..

Hobbies and junk like that:

Well when I was younger I played numerous sports like Hockey (ice), Soccer, Lacrosse, and Baseball competitively. This destroyed my knees but that's another section all together for a look into the destruction go to the miscellaneous section of this site. Now to keep my energetic child-like self going I do lots O' stuff:

I also have a Colombian boa constrictor that is pretty cool. I of course also play around with computers, and I love to mess with virtually all electronics. I enjoy installing stereo equipment in my vehicles, which are always works in progress, very slow moving progress. I have a like of music of virtually all types, if you would like to know more feel free to ask away.
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